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Changes are part of your Life and your Farm Operation. Consider these Important Insurance Questions:

 Has your home been updated, added on to or remodeled?

 Do you have every building, gazebo, swimming pool, grain bin or other structure that you want insured listed on your policy?

 Have you purchased, leased, sold or traded any equipment?

 Are all of the farm locations you own, rent or lease listed on your policy?

 Do you participate in farmer’s markets or have any other non-farming operations that produce income such as a home business, incidental business, oil or gas well lease, wind turbine lease, or leased hunting land?

 Are your grain and/or cattle limits accurate due to fluctuating prices?

 Do you own an ATV or golf cart? Is it scheduled on your policy for physical damage coverage? Is it insured for off-premises use?

 Have you formed a legal entity such as an LLC, trust, partnership or corporation?

 Are you performing any custom farming operations?

 Do you need a farm umbrella policy?

 Want to reduce your premium? Inquire about increased deductible options and ourmulti-policy discount.

Questions? Our Agents are Ready to Help!

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Farm Insurance...
            Do I really need it?

For some folks, farm insurance is a no-brainer. But what if you’re not sure?  What if you live on a farm, own a hobby farm, or lease somebody else’s land?

Have you considered getting the proper coverage? 


Owner-Occupant of an Operating Farm

How do I insure a way of life?
You’ve toughed it out through another wet year. Mother Nature dropped buckets of rain on your fields, and it left you wondering how this harvest is going to be profitable. You’ve lost money battling all that moisture: draining farmland, fighting diseased crops as well as leached nutrients. You finally get a dry couple of days and time to harvest, but you are already calculating how much money it will cost to dry your crops artificially. Artificially drying your crops decreases its market value.

As much as we wish for perfect weather during growing season, Mother Nature always seems to have a change in plans. Hanlin Insurance offers ways to insure your crops once they have been harvested. Peak Season coverage is the best way to ensure that your way of life is properly covered while you wait for the best time to cash in your harvest.

Hobby Farms

You have a regular daytime job from nine-to-five. You have a couple of hogs and a goat out back in an old barn for your kids’ 4-H projects to take to the local county fair. You have several other barns on your property that have unused pens and extra supplies to keep the property nice and tidy. One barn even has enough space to park your truck! But I am not a farmer; I am just trying to keep my kids’ 4-H projects healthy, so they can bring home that purple banner that they have worked so hard for! Sure, I have a well-maintained garden with a variety of healthy homegrown veggies, and my wife has her small flock of hens for fresh eggs, but that doesn’t mean I need farm insurance or does it?

You certainly sound like the perfect candidate for a farm policy! Maintaining those animals and miscellaneous outbuildings and barns, as well as your own home, makes you eligible for farm insurance.

Farmers that Lease Land    
You don’t own the land, but you farm it. You have rented this property for years, you’ve even moved your family into the creaky old farmhouse. These 200 acres of land are your means of survival; you are your own boss! Mother Nature is your greatest friend and most relentless foe. You may think the landowner carries the correct farm insurance that you need in case of any catastrophic event that may take place on the property. Hanlin Insurance can help farmers that lease land to be properly covered. Contact our team of agents to make sure you have the proper coverage.

Farm Insurance

I need coverage!

Whether you harvest crops or raise 4-H projects, our experienced agents know that no farmer is the same. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 acre or 1,000.  We can help get the proper coverages that you need. Here at Hanlin, we are here for you our clients. Stop in today and see what we can do for you! 


At Hanlin Insurance we work with the Best Partners to find the Insurance Coverage that fits your Farming needs by providing you with Resources and Guidance to help you make the most Informed Decision.

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Harvest Savings for Ohio Farmers with Hanlin Insurance

The Farm Lay Up at Hanlin Insurance.
One more way we’ve been serving our customers better since 1972

If you are an Ohio farmer, chances are Hanlin Insurance could help you save a significant amount of money on your commercial auto insurance.                  

Most farmers throughout Ohio have a fleet of trucks and trailers that are only used in the fall during harvesting season, yet they still pay insurance all year round!  If this is starting to sound like you, you don’t have to worry.  

At Hanlin Insurance, we can use what’s called ‘The Farm Lay-Up’ credit.

This credit can reduce the insurance rates on your vehicles and trailers base on the number of months their not in use.  Savings are also eligible for all trucks used for the harvest season operations!

Worried that the farm Lay-Up might suspend your coverage?

It won’t! The farm Lay-Up only reduces the insurance rate, not your coverage!  You also won’t have to worry about going through the painful hassle of adding and removing your insurance coverages throughout the year.

Wondering why your insurance agent hasn’t recommended the Farm Lay Up to you?
It’s because the Farm Lay-Up is a seldom utilized credit that probably isn’t known by the big city brokers or 5-minute insurance quoting website.  At Hanlin Insurance we value your business more than to give you a quick quote.  We’ll put in the time and effort to save you money.  So stop in today or give us a call to see what kind of savings you’ve been missing out on.

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