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The Joy of the Snowmobile

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

There’s nothing quite like driving your snowmobile after a big snowfall, trailblazing through fresh powder, treading your own path across a winter wonderland. The roar of a four-stroke engine and the howling of the wind as you tear across open fields and carve up hillsides make for an energizing thrill. When the long, gray days of winter settle in, causing a bad case of cabin fever, a snowmobile can provide a welcome escape.

Safety First

Whether you own a snowmobile, an ATV, or side-by-side, there are necessary precautions needed to keep your frosty adventures safe. First off, making sure you know how to safely operate your vehicle is a must. Many northern states offer online courses on how to handle a snowmobile, as well as maintain and care for it. The Ohio State Snowmobile Association offers classes for adults and children as young as 10. If you are new to snowmobiles, these classes can be a great way to meet other enthusiasts while learning how to ride safely. You might also consider joining one of the many snowmobile clubs throughout Ohio.


One of the challenges of snowmobile ownership is finding a safe, legal place to ride. Ohio is a big state, and not all of us live near groomed trails sanctioned for snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles. It is illegal to cross private property unless you have the property owners permission. If you do own or lease land, you can ride there without registering your vehicle. Otherwise, your snowmobile must be registered.

Driving on or across public roadways can get complicated. Be sure to check with local authorities before riding your snowmobile on roads or roadway shoulders. It might not be legal to do either. Towns and villages determine their own laws governing snowmobiles. And don’t forget, whether you are flying across empty fields or crossing an unplowed street, state law requires snowmobilers to wear a helmet at all times.

Insurance and Premises Liability

Accidents happen, and though it’s tough to admit it, sometimes we’re at fault. Driving a recreational vehicle on someone else’s property comes with risk. Mishandling a snowmobile can result in serious injury or death.

But say you are driving responsibly after taking all the necessary precautions. You go for a ride on your snowmobile, on someone else’s property with that property owner’s permission. What if an accident occurs due to the property owner’s negligence?

In either situation, coverage is a must. HanIin Insurance works closely with Progressive to provide snowmobile owners with the best coverage plan. Together, they’ll make sure you can

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